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Hi, Rebecca! I was just perusing your site for my quilting fix. Your work is amazing!! I love the new stuff you're doing with actual clothing, the Impression series...inspiring!
Amy Coulthard - 15 Dec 2013
I just found your beautiful work on the web, Rebecca. I had no idea! I too find the Gee's Bend quilts a marvelous and musical inspiration. And secretly, I have wanted to quilt when not playing and teaching piano for some time now. Lovely to see your work! Joan
joan cornachio - 27 Nov 2012
I just 'discovered' you at Henion's/Amherst this morning. What a great collection. Your 'follow that line' and faces were wonderfully whimsical! I imagined how much fun it would be to be surrounded by all those faces during my solitary many ideas to share!
JoAnn Bourguignon - 7 Jun 2012
Your piece entitled, When Ina Dreams, is a knockout for me!! Here is what I so enjoyed about it: Visually, the surprise of the leg of the figure toward the top of the work - is attention grabbing; also the presence of the words along with their actual meaning. I so relate to the memory of hearing my kids laugh out loud while they slept! As I was starting to turn away, I took another quick look and noticed that the rumpled appearance toward the bottom suggests a slept in bed, but something else too - a fanciful idea of the bedclothes "laughing". What a delightful experience for me. Thank you! Sincerely, Mary Ellen Casey Northampton
Mary Ellen Casey - 28 Apr 2012
The piece you have in the Rochester show is amazing. We could decipher some of the words but not all and we were intrigued by the story. Thanks!
Carol - 7 May 2011
just a note--i like your work, i think it's unusually good. i think red is lucky, and the one on your website for your sister of moss etc., are your best. the four birch tree pieces on your website are nice too. my personal preference is for your most abstract ones. the landscapes i'm sure appeal to people, but are not nearly as interesting visually. you have a true gift for abstract quilt art. the one based on "hush" is great, too, though it's hard to get an idea of it from the pictures. just some feedback for you. maybe some day i'll be able to afford a piece by you. keep up the good work! --a fan in vermont
VT Etsy fan - 7 Jan 2010
Becca - You have seen with your fingers and transformed fabric into a whole new form. I'm excited for you. I think, along w/ family, writing, good deeds, etc. your quilt designs and execution have achieved a new level of excellence. Congrats! Happy Chicken Day, love, Ann Page 6/9/09
ann page - 9 Jun 2009
Enjoyed talking with you at the park the other night with 2 Toms, etc. Your work is exquisite. Congrats on getting all this going, fun to look and read about your history and process. Mary
Mary Witt - 24 May 2009
hey, I really like your site
mark van golm - 4 Mar 2009
I commissioned a wall quilt of the Pelham Hills and it is truly a work of art. The imaginative detail in the stitching as well as the color palette compliment my bedroom beautifully. My family will treasure it for years to come.
Shari Abbott - 4 Sep 2008
Love Love Love my quilt. You do fantastic work!!
Jana Silver - 4 Sep 2008
I wish everyone could see the detailed stitching on your quilts! (The online photos cannot do it justice.) I was blown away when I saw the wall hanging that we commissioned for our Washington friend. Thank you for creating a gift with so much meaning and beauty.
Genevieve Hamby - 19 Aug 2008
Whar a beauutiful quilt to wrap around our baby emma - what a loving, thoughtful gift! Thank youi all
Gramma Rozie - 29 Jul 2008
Rebecca made a quilt for my niece and her cousin, baby Emma. When the quilt was opened for the first time, it was truly magical and seemed to glow with goodness. It will be a precious friend to this little girl forever.
Christine Gallagher - 17 Jun 2008
Congratulations, Rebecca! My Connecticut River Valley quilt is such a work of art -- sometimes I think I should rip it off the bed and hang it on a wall where more people could see it! Thanks again. Nancy
Nancy Ratner - 17 Jun 2008
Rebecca ... you are an inspiration for creativity and seams! The quilts are beautiful stories. I look forward to seeing your new digs and that rock'in machine. Best wishes and threads to Bedscape Designs.
Christine Gray-Mullen - 9 Jun 2008
CONGRATULATIONS REBECCA! I am so excited for you-the quilts are all extraordinary...many remind of our home in North Hero.
kara page - 7 Jun 2008
Having seen your beautiful quilted banner on our meetinghouse wall,as well as your other quilts,I think you have a great future creating a wide range of unique fabric art. If it were possible,I'd put one of your wonderful quilts in every room and on every bed in my house!
Carol Rothery - 19 May 2008
Congratulations chica ! I have the first one ever made and that makes me a very proud owner ! Your quilts are amazing and I hope to see them rule the world and make people happy... See you or your quilts soon in Belgium
Stacha Roelandts - 19 May 2008
Hi Rebecca, My mom gave me your web address and keeps me updated with what's going on with you. What beautiful quilts! I wish you all the best.
cathryn brubaker - 17 May 2008
Congratulations! We love your quilts, and know you'll be a big success.
Matthew Cornell - 14 May 2008
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